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Section3 Image1 Eco Green Website Platform
Section3 Image1 Eco Green Website Platform
Section3 Image1 Eco Green Website Platform

May 2nd, 2017

What is Sustainable E-commerce?

It is the integration of sustainability practices  into your online presence.

The Internet is growing at a rapid rate. It is estimated to use 10% of the world's energy at this point and is still increasing. A great deal of the increase is due to the increasing number of users, rich media like high resolution images and video streaming, and the growing size of web pages. As a web development agency, it is our responsibility to efficiently use resources to improve your revenue and customer's experiences. That is often not what is happening during the web development process.

Why is it important to integrate sustainability into our websites? Simple: your visitors are more satisfied with the experience so you make more money and your environmental impact is lower. Its a win-win-win situation. You win, the customer wins and society and the environment wins.

Here are some facts to support these points: 

  • Amazon found that for every 100ms of load time saved, they made 1% in extra revenue.
  • Walmart reported a 2% increase in conversion rate for every 1 second of page load improvement. 
  • Surveys have found that if a user has to wait more then 2-3 seconds for a page to load, they will go to a competitor's site.

There is a lot more research that also supports this but we will explore that in a future post.

Let's look at what e-commerce is. Basically, it is the ability to conduct business through the Internet. This can mean a lot of different things. It can be marketing, generating leads, using web systems for operations or selling products online. Why do we use e-commerce? It can be used to overcome barriers to entry, reach potential customers, expand your market, improve business efficiency and customer experience.

What is sustainability? Its the practice of not only focusing on economic measurements of success but environmental and social as well. Study after study has found that using sustainable development practices benefits businesses in many ways. It is actually good business practices in the long run and it makes you more money as well as providing many other benefits to both your company and society as a whole. Many business people would like you to believe that it is a waste of money to care about the environment; however, that is often false since it requires innovation and efficiency improvements to be more sustainable. It really costs you less money in the long run and increases profit.

What's the catch? You improve society and make more money, what's the downside? Like anything that is worthwhile, it takes time, effort and energy to implement sustainability into your business. It can be a difficult transition to make if you have to change your corporate culture and get employees on-board. You also need to do a lot of research and redesigning to come up with ways your business can integrate sustainability into your company.

The good news is there is a lot of free information like guides available or consultants that can be hired to help your through the process. Here at Relatively Responsible, we focus on sustainable technology and how it can improve your companies operations and sales. But more in the next post on what we do and how you can do it yourself. 

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